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About the Author

Aspen Morrow, D. PSc, NCP, CBHC, CPSS

Traditional Naturopath & Amen Method CertifiedBrain Health Coach

 Founder, Aspen Brain Health & Clinic Admin of Syringa Wellness

Aspen is a peer, advocate and investigative journalist turned ‘mom on a mission’.  Struggling to help herself and her own children recover from neurobiological disorders, she could find few answers from doctors, neurologists, Western or Eastern Medicine.

After finding the answers for her own family in nutrition, naturopathic methods and brain-type testing, she started a passionate career and ministry as the international best-selling author of Med Free Bipolar, a speaker and Traditional Naturopath.  Losing her grandfather to Alzheimer’s only further fueled her research and mission to open a brain clinic and holistic wellness clinic.

Utilizing the Dr. Amen Clinics Method and her own Med Free Method™, Aspen coaches in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, and internationally via phone/FaceTime/Skype. She also carries unique medical devices & her own professional line of Neuro supplements that target blood flow, oxygen and eliminate “dead spots” in the brain to awaken functioning. Clients have worked with her from all over the world; some even flying to Boise, Idaho to be coached.  She envisions having med free in-patient facility options for natural mental health, addictions, children’s services, eating disorders, self-harm and memory specialities. After purchasing Syringa Behavioral Health in 2019, she renamed it Syringa Wellness and provides licensed clinical counseling through Syringa’s counselors, as well as massage therapy, sound therapy, body rolling, and other holistic therapies.

Aspen and a collaborative team of professionals work with children, teens, adults and seniors to help them thrive naturally (or with a combination of meds if they so choose).  Main areas of concentration include: brain, heart and gut health, anxiety, attention, focus, energy, memory, mood, school/work/sports performance, sensory, night terrors, self-harm tendencies, racing thoughts, sleep issues, and anyone who just wants an optimized brain. Clients often experience more relief in three appointments than years of other treatments, resulting in focus, coping, better clarity and a renewed mind. We do, however, recommend ongoing counseling with one of our providers through Syringa where desired. 

Medication management, clinical licensed counseling and other modalities are outside the scope of her Naturopathic practice, but Aspen is happy to have teamed up with a great list of doctors (medical docs, osteopaths and NDs friendly to the med free method), chiropractors, neurofeedback specialists, counselors (Syringbh.com), detox specialists, and brain-scan specialists who can augment the work she does.

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