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About Aspen Ministries:

“Plant Trees, under whose shade you don’t expect to sit.” — Nelson Henderson

Think about that a second. Who goes around planting trees in other people’s yards? Very few people plant a tree where they don’t ever expect to enjoy the shade. This is a great example of discipleship, healing ministries, and sowing into the Kingdom of God; we are giving without expectation of return.

In Colorado last year, on Quaker Ridge, I had a vision of all the Believers who had gathered there being like aspen tree runners, shooting out in every direction. An aspen tree grove is an amazing creation of God’s divine design and creativity and imagination. He told me it was also one of his favorite trees. When you look at a mountainside, those miles and miles of aspen trees are all connected underground. They are one single living organism! Above ground, their righteously white linen trunks and many-set eyes, are a beautiful example of how we as the Body of Christ are all connected and intertwined, branches grafted into our Source, Jesus Christ.

The brain is also much like this root system of the aspen grove, and the roots inside the soil affect the branches of the brain. When the roots, our gut, are healthy and properly nutrated, the neuron and dendrite branches will reflect that health. Then we, with minds renewed, can impact the world, planting trees where we will not see the shade.

Be Salt & Light!

About the Founder, Aspen Morrow, BHCC, CPSS

Brain Health Certified Coach, Certified Peer Support Specialist

Founder, Aspen Ministries & Aspen Brain Health

At Aspen Brain Health, we use the best of all the brain research available to us. We scour resources from Dr. Carolyn Leaf, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Kelly Brogan, and more, incorporating them into our ever-improving Med Free Method™. Aspen is a peer, advocate and investigative journalist turned ‘mom on a mission’.  She is the author of the best-selling and multiple award-winning book: Med Free Bipolar. Struggling to help herself and her children recover from neurobiological disorders, she could find few answers from doctors, neurologists, Western or Eastern Medicine.

After finding the answers for her family in nutrition therapies, brain-type testing, and supernatural healing solutions (like prayer!), she started a passionate career and ministry as an author, speaker, and NeuroCoach™.  Losing her grandfather to Alzheimer’s only further fueled her research and mission to open her brain clinic.

Utilizing the Dr. Amen Clinics’ Method and her own Med Free Method™, Aspen coaches in the Treasure Valley, Idaho, and internationally via Phone/FaceTime/Skype. As a fundraising effort and service to her clients, she also carries her own professional physician-grade line of NeuroNutritional™ supplements that increase blood flow, oxygen and target “dead spots” in the brain to awaken functioning. Clients have worked with her from all over the world; some even flying to Boise, Idaho from as far as Saudi Arabia, to be privately peer coached.

She envisions having out/in-patient facility options for natural mental health, addictions, children’s services, eating disorders, self-harm and memory specialities, a clinic that also takes into consideration spiritual-related causes of symptoms.

Aspen and a collaborative team of professionals work with children, teens, adults and seniors to help them thrive naturally (or with a combination of meds if they so choose).

Main areas of concentration include: brain, heart and gut health, anxiety, attention, focus, energy, memory, mood, school/work/sports performance, sensory, night terrors, self-harm tendencies, racing thoughts, sleep issues, and anyone who just wants an optimized brain. Clients often experience more relief in two appointments than years of other treatments, resulting in focus, coping, better clarity and a renewed mind.

Medication management, licensed counseling and other modalities are outside the scope of her NeuroCoaching™ practice, but Aspen is happy to have teamed up with a great list of doctors (medical docs, osteopaths and naturopaths friendly to the med free method), Christian Acupuncturists, chiropractors, neurofeedback specialists, licensed counselors, detox specialists, and brain-scan specialists who can augment the work she does.

Her local office is inside Syringa Behavioral Health, Nampa, Idaho, or WorldWide via the web.