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Raise Your Vibration to Lower Sickness, Disease, and even Anxiety

“My thoughts are completely different from yours, says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”                  — Isaiah… Continue reading Raise Your Vibration to Lower Sickness, Disease, and even Anxiety

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Demystifying Salt, Sound, Anointing Oil, & Holy Water Biblically

I woke up in a fright to say the least. My arms were flailing in front of my face and I was gasping for air. Something heavy hung in the air, and I felt like I was drowning under deep, black water and the pressure on my chest was unbearable. The most aweful vibrations and sound were reverberating through my like knives, and I swear I could hear crying and growling through a sound so loud and obnoxious that I should not have been able to hear anything else. The sound was like a fog-horn or train whistle, or like that line from Dumb and Dumber when he asks if you want to hear the most annoying sound ever.

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How to End Night Terrors (part ii)

One of the main complaints I hear in my Dr. Amen Brain Health Coaching Practice from parents of young children is regarding night terrors, but they are not isolated to children. I can relate. My earliest memories starting around age two were of nightly night terrors. And I wet the bed until about age ten.… Continue reading How to End Night Terrors (part ii)

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We Identify the Underlying Issue & Correct it Naturally utilizing Naturopathic, non-medical, & med-free solutions. Getting Med Free Results where no one else can is what sets us apart. Aspen Brain Health’s & Syringa Wellness’ Programs address brain-related issues in children, teens, adults and seniors. Academic, Social and Behavioral issues Memory issues in adults and seniors… Continue reading Med Free Results | Ministerial Counseling Traditional Naturopath | Holistic Healthcare


If you would like to request Aspen Morrow to speak for your organization or church, please call 208.870.9238 or email: Topics: Note: Most lectures or speaking topics are customized for the event, audience and desired requests of the host event. Some past topics have included: Quantum Healing (For both faith-based and nonreligious audiences)  |… Continue reading Speaking

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How to Turn Your Brain Off to Sleep (part i)

Did you know that your brain actually has neurotransmitters that function as ON and OFF switches? I used to have this same problem, and had to Ambien to even get any sleep, but that is not very congruous for an author who writes med free books! 

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Mental Illness vs. Spiritual Experiences

Is it mental illness? Or is it something else? Could it be something Spiritual or Otherworldly? Are those voices coming from a malfunctioning Temporal Lobe (more in a future blog), which can cause heightened spiritual experiences, feelings of dejàvu, and even hallucinations, or could they actually be coming from something in the spiritual realm? These… Continue reading Mental Illness vs. Spiritual Experiences

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Life without Medication

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