Donated Art Fundraiser

Each painting has a story behind it. Some are based on direct visions God has given me, some are just pictures I liked and made my own, and some are ones I did during our church’s Paint ‘N Pray small group. The ones I like the most are the ones I have done of “People in the Spirit” that I have seen or heard stories of how other people have been ‘seen in the Spirit’. These are a work in progress and are continually being expanded. Would you like to commission a painting? Know what you look like in the Spirit? We do commissioned art-work, scarves, bags, jewelry, all as a fund-raiser to help more people get free of bondage, broken hearts and minds. Thank you for supporting our ministry! Contact us if you would like any of these in a numbered print, greeting card, canvas-prints, or originals!


SHOP ART (Scarves, bags, jewelry)

“Mountain of Rest”

We are seated and reign in rest, in Heavenly Places, in the Mountain of our Most High God. “Oil on Canvas by Aspen Morrow” ©️ 2015

“Incense of Praise”

Incense of Praise being brought to the Throne of God. Acrylic on Canvas by Aspen Morrow ©️2017

“Angel of Incense”

Angel of Incense carrying our Prayers to Heaven. Acrylic on Canvas by Aspen Morrow ©️ 2017

“Eyes of Your Heart”

The Lord told me: “I named you Aspen because I put My eye in you.” Aspen trees often look like they have eyes. Acrylic & Shimmer Acrylic on Canvas by Aspen Morrow ©️ 2017

“Winter Season with God”

When I can’t ‘see in the Spirit’, it often feels like a winter season with God. Acrylic on Canvas by Aspen Morrow ©️ 2017

“Joy Comes in the Morning”

Joy is a mountain, a sunrise, a beach, a lake, a canoe, and a grove of aspens. Acrylic on Canvas by Aspen Morrow ©️ 2017