Success Stories

“I have my PhD in naturopathy, and I’m a Master herbalist. I became interested in Q96 for my husband who has Lewey Dementia, Stage 4. His doctors all told me there is no recourse for him, and the the disease will progress. There is no cure. After hearing about the research, and how a brain damaged rat’s brain was regenerated from Q96 I decided to try it for my husband. After all, I’ve tried everything else. The first day I gave him 2 pills, starting out slow. Later that after he smiled. Why was this impressive? Patients with Lewey Dementia have Parkinsonian symptoms and lose facial expressions. His smile was something I hadn’t seen in two years. It brought a tear to my eye–didn’t realize how much I missed those smiles. The next day I gave him four pills and he actually started to work on little projects; fixing the Christmas lights, sweeping the garage. Now we’re seeing results every day. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone in their fifties should start taking Q96 to protect them from Alzheimer’s and Lewey dementia. It’s truly working miracles for us.” –Christine Aros

“I used to get angry all the time, and cry alot too! I would cry if my cracker broke, or I dropped a toy. I used to be afraid all the time. I thought my mom would leave me, or that something bad would happen to her. Now I just get to be myself, the one everyone says is happy all the time!” -Avery Morrow

“I don’t remember them, but my parents say I had seizures alot. I saw every heart and brain specialist my parents knew about. No one could help, but then my mom researched how to help me, and when I take my brain supplements, I don’t get dizzy anymore.” -Kayde Morrow

“I suffered from suicidal thoughts every October for over 20 years. After meeting Aspen, I was so skeptical. I just glared at her during the whole consult. Wow, I am so glad I followed her protocols step by step! I am three years free of those thoughts, and she has been such a blessing to me and everyone I have referred to her!” -J. McDaniel

“Aspen Morrow has been very helpful to me, in my mental health journey, and has been very thoughtful and generous to share her ideas and struggles to help me mentally. I feel like I’ve taken so much free information from you Aspen Morrow, and didn’t know how to repay you for your sacrificial giving spirit, but thought the least I could do is publicly say how much I appreciate all you’ve done. BTW, I’d give Aspen Morrow a full 5 Star Rating in her business and personal interactions with others. Thanks again Aspen,and may God bless you and your family with spiritual and physical blessings, with business success!” -Joseph Golden

“She gets it, she gets it, she gets it, finally, somebody gets it!” –Mary Kuemmerle

“I love how Aspen puts all the moving parts together to create a viable, replicable, natural solution to a serious issue.” –Beth Misner, Author and Co-Founder of BNI

“Aspen is quite the Seer.” –Nancy Coen